art of peace, sf


Mixed Media Sculpture 4'x3'x5'

Dismantled firearm components, rifle/shotgun stocks and barrels, 9mm shell casings, sheet metal and steel, polycarbonate, epoxy resin.


In collaboration with the Robby Poblete Foundation and United Playaz, we transformed dismantled firearms from the 2018 San Francisco gun buyback into “Ressurrection”, an oversized monarch mixed media sculpture designed to represent the transitional moment of emergence of a monarch from its cocoon.  To us, this pivotal moment in the life cycle captures the essence of what transformation is all about. Transformation from darkness to light, from death to rebirth, transformation from a hard shell to such a delicate and beautiful creature, capable of flight.

  The monarch is an age old symbol for transformation, rebirth, metamorphosis and resurrection.  We draw parallels between this symbol and what the Art of Peace represents, the choices to put down weapons and trade them for light/inspiration, the loss of loved ones due to gun violence, so heavy on our hearts, the honoring of lives lost, the transitions that we take in this life to reach enlightenment.